Co-Founder at Nexton. Purpose-driven engineer, artist, and entrepreneur. Passionate about systems optimization and achieving massive positive impact.
Lead Designer
I read clients' minds
Front End Developer
I like to focus on performance and experience!
Co-Founder & CEO at Nexton
Lead Engineer
I’m interested in challenging projects that allows me to work with emerging technologies.
Iryna Bilyk is an expert content marketing manager at YouTeam, passionately writing about technology and software development solutions.
People Experience Manager
Blog Team
Nexton empowers companies connecting them with the strongest engineering talent in LATAM.
Experienced Systems Engineer & VP of Talent at Nexton, connecting the best engineering talent in LATAM with global job opportunities.
Managing Director at @YPFventures
Alumn StanfordBiz and StanfordEarth • made in Argentina • on a journey to decarbonize Latam

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