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Staff Augmentation - Hiring Remotely - Wed Jun 21 2023

IT Staff Augmentation: A Paradigm Shift in Talent Acquisition

In the realm of talent acquisition, Nexton stands out from the crowd, redefining the approach to IT staff augmentation in the tech industry. Unlike traditional staffing agencies, Nexton's primary goal is to empower its clients by helping them build their own teams in Latin America. This blog post delves into how Nexton revolutionizes the IT staff augmentation landscape, offering unparalleled flexibility, transparency, and support to clients, while prioritizing the success and satisfaction of the talent they provide.

Unveiling Nexton's Unique Approach:

Nexton recognizes that every client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to talent acquisition. To cater to these diverse requirements, Nexton offers three distinct options that set them apart from other companies:

Month-to-Month Flexibility:

Nexton understands that some clients prefer a more flexible payment option, avoiding upfront placement fees. By offering a month-to-month payment model, Nexton allows clients to pay as they go, providing financial agility while ensuring access to top-notch talent.

Try Before You Buy:

In certain cases, clients may wish to have an extended trial period before making a hiring decision. Nexton's buyout option enables clients to evaluate talent over an extended period, providing them with the flexibility to hire the right candidate after a successful trial period. This approach mitigates risks and fosters a strong talent-company fit.

Long-Term Partnership:

For clients seeking talent for specific durations, typically six months or more, Nexton offers the option to hire through IT staff augmentation with the opportunity to renew the engagement. This arrangement allows clients to fulfill their project needs while maintaining flexibility for future adjustments.

Unmatched Support and Benefits:

Nexton goes beyond traditional IT staff augmentation by providing comprehensive support to both clients and talent. With a dedicated Talent Relations team, Nexton ensures a seamless experience for the talent throughout their journey with the client. This team resolves conflicts, conducts performance reviews, and keeps the talent motivated, fostering a productive and harmonious work environment.

Additionally, Nexton offers various benefits to enhance talent engagement. These benefits are carefully measured through Nexton's engagement dashboard, ensuring a positive experience for both the talent and the client.

Transparency and Client-Centricity:

Nexton prides itself on operating with transparency, setting them apart from conventional IT staff augmentation providers. With Nexton, clients have full control over the talent's compensation, enabling them to provide the right incentives for optimal performance. Moreover, the fees paid by the client are clearly defined, eliminating any ambiguity about how much goes to the candidate versus the agency. Nexton's incentive is to find the best talent, not the cheapest, as they prioritize the client's success over everything else.

Legal Compliance and Simplified Payments:

Another significant advantage of choosing Nexton for IT staff augmentation is their commitment to legal compliance and streamlined payment processes. Nexton handles all legal compliance matters, ensuring clients can focus on their core business activities. Clients receive a straightforward invoice from Nexton (USA), simplifying the payment process and providing peace of mind.


Nexton's approach to IT staff augmentation challenges the status quo and provides a superior alternative for tech companies seeking to build their own teams in Latin America. By offering flexible engagement models, unwavering support, transparency, and streamlined operations, Nexton empowers clients to unlock their true potential while creating an enriching experience for the talent they provide. With Nexton, you can embrace a new era of talent acquisition that is customized, transparent, and focused on mutual success.

Experience the Nexton difference today by visiting https://www.nextonlabs.com and learn how their IT staff augmentation solutions can transform your tech team into a powerhouse of innovation and growth.

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