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Remote Work - Technology - Companies - Managing Remotely - Hiring Remotely - Tue Nov 8 2022

From Good to Great: Rethinking Your Talent Sourcing Strategy

At times, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle for tech talent.

Your best developers are flocking to your competitors. Your open positions have been vacant for months. Even worse, your current tech team is worn out and your products are constantly getting delayed.

Sound familiar?

If you’re frustrated by your recruitment results, it may be time to rethink your talent sourcing strategy in order to find and retain the tech manpower you need. Let’s go over key insights to help you rebuild your strategy to meet your recruitment goals and better align with your long-term product vision.


When it’s time to reboot your talent sourcing strategy


It’s not an easy time to recruit tech talent. With the Great Resignation still underway, it’s tougher than ever to attract and retain tech professionals in order to keep your product development on track.

Quite simply, if you’re not getting the talent you need, it’s time to make a change. After all, Einstein famously said that it’s insanity to “do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”

In sum, it may be time to reboot your talent-sourcing strategy if:

  • Your developer turnover rate is high, especially for your best talent.
  • Your open positions have a high vacancy time.
  • You’re bleeding recruitment costs without results.
  • You’re not capturing the technical skills you need.
  • Your current tech team is burnout from overreaching their capacity.
  • Your product development is constantly getting delayed.
  • You can’t raise the salary offering any higher to attract better candidates.}

6 insights to rethink your talent sourcing strategy


Successfully revamping your talent sourcing strategy may involve testing out new ideas and finding what works for your specific teams. Here are key insights to help you rethink this process.

1. Expand your talent pool with remote, global candidates

Don’t limit yourself geographically. In the post-COVID era, tech professionals are looking for flexible, remote jobs. You can better win over top candidates by offering remote teaming.

In addition, going global with recruitment seriously expands your talent pool and allows you to leverage experts in regions with a lower standard of living who may be excited by your compensation and benefits packages.

Take for instance that elite developers in Latin America typically earn 40% to 60% less compared to equivalent roles in the U.S.

2. Lean into unconventional developer backgrounds

If you’re on the hunt for the “perfect” candidate, you’re likely to end up understaffed. Don’t be picky about checking all your boxes. Instead, there may be interesting, skilled tech professionals who don’t have traditional resumes.

In fact, it’s common in regions like Latin America for developers to self-teach themselves languages and technologies. Even if they don’t have a computer science degree or traditional employment record, they may be great assets for your tech team.

For this reason, it’s important to cut all those job requirements and consider unconventional developers resumes, such as candidates with strong certificates/courses, portfolio projects, and more.

3. Revamp your recruitment process

Your recruitment process may also be putting off top talent. It’s important to consider recruitment from the eyes of the tech talent you’re trying to capture. If you make them jump through too many hoops, they may be likely to drop out of your recruitment process.

In other words, don’t weigh down your recruitment with endless challenges and interviews. Keep it simple and remember that this process is an opportunity to sell your company to candidates. Get developers excited about the job by showcasing your awesome company culture, current projects, job perks, etc.

4. Offer more robust benefits packages

Most offered Benefits

Another way to rethink your talent sourcing strategy is to identify where you can offer more value to developers. An attractive benefits package can do wonders for getting great candidates.

While many companies assume that compensation is the #1 factor, certain benefits can be very persuasive to developers. At the top of the list for job seekers, 88% of candidates cite more flexible hours, and 80% mention work-from-home options as desired job benefits. Other areas can have an impact as well, such as offering a career growth plan, stock options or payment in cryptocurrency.

5. Double-down on your retention strategy

It’s easier to keep your best team members than to try to recruit new ones. Take a close look at your talent sourcing strategy to see how you can keep tech professionals. This may go hand-in-hand with rethinking your benefits package, improving company culture and more.

To retain your team members, it’s important to understand their job satisfaction and pain points. Companies that take the time to complete regular pulse surveys will have a better sense of how to keep their workers happy in the long term.

Even simple acts, such as creating a personalized career development plan for your top talent can help them feel like they’re valued and moving forward in their profession.

6. Partner with recruitment experts


Finally, you don’t have to recruit tech talent on your own. Trusting a talent solution partner can take the burden off your company and help you focus on other business areas.

Most importantly, hiring an expert that specializes in Latin American tech talent can optimize your recruitment process. Our talent specialists at Nexton have a deep understanding of the tech market in LATAM and are able to discover talent by knowing the local language, connecting with regional universities and staying on top of new startups, code challenges, programs and more.

What’s more, our experts know how to parse LATAM developers’ resumes, perform relevant skills tests and create competitive job packages that meet their pain points. And if you don’t want to deal with in-country hiring, international payroll, and tax paperwork, Nexton can handle these logistics seamlessly on your behalf.

How Nexton can help boost your talent sourcing strategy

If you’re actively looking for someone to hire, but haven’t been successful, it’s time to rethink your talent sourcing strategy. By revamping your recruitment process with our insights above, you’ll be able to appeal to top talent and fill your tech teams in no time.

At Nexton, we’re here to help boost your recruitment efforts. We specialize in Latin American tech talent and can help connect you with impressive remote software engineers. Reach out to us today!

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