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Talent - Productivity - Software - Technology - Infrastructure - Tue Jul 5 2022

7 Cross-Platform Code Editors All Engineers Must Know

Having a cross-platform code editor is a must-have for developers today, who often need to build reliable code that works across multiple environments. 

Whether you’re building a product with cross-platform requirements, collaborating with developers who own different tools, or working on different OS set-ups at home and work, you’ll need to make use of a cross-platform code editor for minimal interruptions. 

Here you’ll find our favorite choices for cross-platform code editors that you can install on any and all of your systems. 

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Choosing a solid cross-platform code editor

Cross-platform coding has become the norm for developers. That’s why having a solid code editor is an essential part of successfully completing projects. As you consider different editor options, you’ll want to choose one that:

  • Fits your workflow and goals
  • Meets your deliverable requirements
  • Complements your coding knowledge

Some developers select just one code editor to fulfill their needs, while others may have different tools on hand according to the coding task. 

Software Engineer Coding using cross platform code editors

Key features of the best cross-platform code editors

Your ideal cross-platform code editor depends on your requirements and preferences. Here are a few key features that programmers seek in a great code editor:

  • Simple set-up process 
  • Auto-completion features
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Code references available in-platform
  • Customizable features

Of course, every developer’s feature wishlist will vary, so be sure to define what your priorities are before you download a code editor.

Top 7 cross-platform code editors

Let’s take a closer look at the finest cross-platform code editors on the market today.

1. Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a top choice due to its accessibility. It’s good for all experience levels and has a highly intuitive UI, including auto-complete suggestions. Its real-time testing features are also great for streamlining the coding process. Plus, it integrates perfectly with Adobe’s suite of products.

2. Atom

Atom is an extensive open-source cross-platform code editor. It’s an excellent choice because it’s free to use and boasts of an impressive library of code, packages and themes. Some of its key features include a split-view UI, smart autocompletion, built-in package manager, and Git/GitHub integrations

3. Brackets

Brackets is a free, lightweight cross-platform code editor that was designed with front-end development in mind. It has a superb split view, as well as an inline editing feature that gives you great in-depth vision into your code. This editor is also praised for its real-time connection with Google Chrome and other supportive features including preprocessor support, a large extension library, LESS support, and more.

4. Light Table

Light Table is a sleek, customizable editor that’s also free to use. It’s recognized for its best-in-class minimal UI and easy-to-use features such as a command palette, fuzzy finder, inline evaluation, Embed Anything feature, and built-in plugin manager. It also allows real-time code reflection in your browser.

software engineer on his laptop programming and using cross platform code editors

5. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is highly customizable and has powerful performance and features. To start, it has a multi-caret editing feature so you can type code in several places at once. You can also use split editing to work on files side by side or on two locations within the same file.

This code editor also has an advanced command palette, great syntax highlighting and a distraction-free mode for productive coding sessions. Other key features include: “Goto Anything” file navigation, GPU rendering, context-aware auto-complete, and more.

6. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is a highly versatile editor that lets you customize your editor’s interface. In addition to its extensive library of themes, it is known for its top multi-caret and multi-select features, syntax highlighting, fast find feature, and great handling of large files.

7. Visual Studio Code

Last but not least, Visual Studio Code is a free cross-platform code editor that has excellent UI and a highly versatile editor. Some of its best features include IntelliSense for smart completions and built-in Git commands. What’s more, it has first-rate syntax highlighting, code refactoring and debugging, as well as extra extensions that you can add on as needed. 

Choose the right cross-platform code editor for you

To code across multiple types of environments, you’ll require a top editor. Leverage our list of seven editors in order to find the right one for you and start meeting your cross-platform requirements today.

At the end of the day, becoming a successful software engineer doesn’t just depend on your skills, but also the tools you utilize and the types of projects you choose. 

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