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Job Hunting - Payment & Salary - Thu Jan 26 2023

Remote Software Engineer Average Salary in Chile

The demand for skilled software engineers has skyrocketed in recent years as companies create increasingly complex digital products. In particular, U.S. businesses facing a developer shortage have started looking for remote talent across borders to meet their needs.

In this market context, Latin American developers have a great opportunity to earn higher salaries and top benefits. While the average software engineer salary in Chile varies according to skills, seniority, job responsibilities, and market demand, we’ve seen promising growth in tech remote salaries overall. Here’s everything you need to know about salaries for remote jobs in Chile.

Average software engineer salaries in Latin America

To get specific data on how much software engineers are being paid in Latin America, we surveyed 420 top developers working full-time.

We discovered that the expected median annual salary for remote senior engineers in Latin America is 84,000 USD, though the median of current annual salaries are 66,000 USD. While this may seem like a wide range, remember that exact salaries depend on the developer’s seniority and specialization. As you may imagine, senior software engineers tend to capture these higher-end salaries.

Annual compensation gap by quarter-Jan-25-2023-08-51-57-0104-PM

Source: 2023 Tech Salaries and Benefits Trends: Q4'22 Report

Expected Median annual salary for programmers in Chile

At 77,400 USD annually, the median annual salary for programmers in Chile is slightly higher than in Latin America. What’s more, this average should grow to meet the expected salary of 84,000 USD in the coming years. 

Why the salary gap?

According to our survey, there’s a 27% gap between current and expected salaries in Latin America. If you’re curious why there’s such a large difference, there are a few key trends to consider. 

First, the COVID-19 pandemic expanded companies’ vision into remote hiring, leading to a remote developer hiring boom. Whenever there’s rapid industry growth like this, it can take time for salaries to adjust to the pace of market demand. Some companies are still lagging behind in offering industry-appropriate rates.

In addition, worldwide competition for remote jobs is fierce. It’s vital for developers in Chile to showcase their skills in order to become top candidates for these positions. Ultimately, the skills and experience level of individual developers can greatly impact the salary they earn.

Job benefits for remote developers

most offered benefits

Source: 2023 Tech Salaries and Benefits Trends: Q4'22 Report

In addition to salary levels, remote developers in Chile can enjoy competitive job packages that include valuable benefits. 

Remote software engineers in Chile can leverage perks such as paid time off, career growth opportunities, stock option plans, company-provided equipment, crypto payments, and more. Overall, companies are using robust benefits packages in order to capture competitive talent and retain them over time.

Remote Developer Chile

Why Chile is becoming a popular software hiring destination 

Chile has a booming tech industry, making it an excellent software hiring destination for several reasons, including:

  • Highly skilled and educated talent pool
  • Great IT and business infrastructure 
  • Track record of remote work and outsourcing

In addition, U.S. companies are already setting up shops in Chile, such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Local Chilean startups are also having success with disruptive tech products, which support innovative engineering communities. 

Of course, there are some aspects to consider if you want to work remotely for a U.S. company in Chile, such as your remote work legal rights, remote payments, tax obligations, and more. You can get the full scoop on considerations in our in-depth guide here

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