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Remote Work - Innovation - Events - Investment - Thu Dec 7 2023

The Power of Connection: A Nexton Meetup Experience - By Martina Lanfranconi

After a full year of hitting goals together from afar, we got to hang out in person at our offsite 2023 –the third one in a row, keeping that Nexton style alive and kicking. Teamwork was on fire, fresh project ideas were flying, and we dove deep into what each Nextoner brings to the table, our purpose, and where we're heading. And let me tell you, those in-person interactions were the bomb. Hugs, laughs, and some seriously heartwarming moments went down.

In the ongoing global discussion about the future of work, the tug-of-war between remote and in-person models persists. Curiously, while many have retraced their steps to the familiarity of the office, at Nexton we've perfected the art of balance: embracing the remote work and its endless possibilities while cherishing the occasional reunion that sparks inspiration and forges connections beyond the virtual realm.

That's what meetups mean for Nexton, an ambitious endeavor that magnificently underscored the irreplaceable benefits of face-to-face connections within our predominantly remote environment.

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Meeting in Person once a year: Our secret sauce

The buzz and excitement leading up to our offsite were palpable. After months of virtual collaboration, the team had the opportunity to meet in person. The impact was immediate and profound. There's something about shaking hands, sharing a meal, and engaging in spontaneous conversations that transcends the digital divide.

When we come together something magical happens, as if our virtual interactions come alive and the relationships feel lifelong. Everything flows naturally and effortlessly, creating a seamless environment where a powerful and contagious energy fills every corner of the space. 

Meeting face-to-face serves as a poignant reminder that behind every email, slack message or video call, there's a human being with unique personality, experiences, and perspectives. Just as grandma’s homemade tomato sauce enriches pasta, these in-person moments complement and enrich our fully remote work culture, reinforcing our sense of unity despite any physical and geographical distances.

Knowing Each Other: A Gateway to Improved Workflows

One of the most significant takeaways from our offsite was the deepened understanding of each team member's role, responsibilities, and expertise. While virtual communication enables effective collaboration, meeting in person allows us to delve deeper into the nuances of our individual strengths.

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This newfound knowledge proved to be a catalyst for improved workflows. Understanding each other's working styles, preferences, and areas of expertise created a more seamless collaborative environment. It's a testament to the idea that investing time in getting to know your colleagues on a personal level pays dividends in the form of enhanced teamwork and efficiency.

Looking Ahead: The Nexton Commitment to Connection

As we reflect on the impact of our third company offsite, we are committed to incorporating these lessons into our remote work culture. The power of connection is undeniable, and at Nexton, we're determined to harness it to create an even more dynamic and collaborative team.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we're excited to explore innovative ways to blend the best of both worlds—remote flexibility and in-person connection. The journey toward building a world-class remote team is ongoing, and at Nexton, we're embracing the adventure with open arms.

And the real deal here is, it's not just some strategic move from the People Team. It's a genuine ask from the squad, from us, from Nexton. Building connections between teams, whether it's virtual or in-person, not only amps up our process game but has a super simple plus: we work happier.

Handshaking with the C-Levels: Face-to-face with company's Purpose and Vision

Our company offsite wasn't just an opportunity for team members to connect; it was also a chance for everyone to engage with our C-level executives on a personal level. Meeting the leadership team face-to-face created a direct and tangible link between our day-to-day efforts and the overarching mission and vision of Nexton. In casual conversations and collaborative sessions, the C-levels shared insights into the company's strategic direction, providing context that is often challenging to convey through virtual channels alone.

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This first hand interaction with our leadership not only humanized the faces behind the titles but also ignited a sense of purpose and alignment with the broader goals of Nexton. Understanding the passion and dedication of our leaders deepened the team's commitment to the company's mission, reinforcing the idea that each team member plays a crucial role in the collective journey toward success. The offsite became an ecosystem for a shared sense of purpose, translating corporate objectives into personal commitments and fostering a stronger connection between every individual and the broader vision of Nexton.

Our Orchestra’s Directors: The People Team

At Nexton, we understand the importance of a happy team. Our People Team is our Orchestra’s Directors: A group dedicated to ensuring that our remote work environment is not only efficient but also fulfilling.

From team-building activities to personalized surprises, their efforts significantly boosted morale and camaraderie. A happy team is a productive team, and our offsite experience underscored the positive impact that fostering a sense of belonging and joy can have on overall productivity.

Final Thoughts 

Our meetup experience was a testament to the transformative power of the occasional face-to-face interaction, the importance of a happy team, and the value of knowing your colleagues on a personal level. At Nexton, where we recognize that our greatest asset is our people, investing in our team is not just a choice but a strategic imperative. We firmly believe that fostering strong connections, promoting happiness, and understanding each other on a personal level directly contribute to the success of our remote work environment.

In Nexton, we passionately invest in our exceptional team, shaping the future of remote work with a style uniquely our own. We understand that a motivated and engaged team is not only more productive but also more resilient and adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

This is who we are at Nexton. We do as we say.

We’re not only top providers of nearshore solutions. We collide frontiers, we unite the world, we change lives. Starting from ours.

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Martina Lanfranconi

People Experience Manager

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