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Talent - Thu Feb 23 2023

3 Steps to Ace your Interview

It’s a Monday afternoon, and you’re meeting a friend for coffee –expect there’s no coffee, and the person you’re meeting is your potential boss. Surprise! You’re actually at an interview, and the panic begins to set in…

All jokes aside, we all know how nerve-wracking job interviews can be. At Nexton, our talent and recruitment teams came together to brainstorm ways to make interviews less daunting and created this awesome list of 3 simple steps to follow so you can ace your interview. Who knows, maybe our tips can make your next interview as breezy as coffee with a friend. 

1. Be prepared! 

That’s right, homework isn’t only for school, you need to do your research! It’s important to show up to all interviews with some background knowledge on the company you're interviewing for. It’s helpful to have your resume on hand, as well as an organized introduction for yourself and your work. Having a salary in mind can also help negotiation- check out this blog post for tips. It’s also a good idea to brainstorm a list of questions about the company and your potential position beforehand. All of these things will show your interviewer that you are eager, curious, and ready to be an ideal team member at their company.

 software engineer preparing her computer for the job interview

2. Punctuality and the appropriate environment 

When you’re up for a job, it’s important to show your interviewer that you’re serious about the position. Being on time is a must to demonstrate your time-management skills and start off on the right foot. Be mindful and respectful of everyone’s schedule by allotting the appropriate time for your interview, and showing up when you’re supposed to. On the topic of respect, it’s also important to keep in mind what your interview background is. You don’t want a messy room behind you to make it seem as though you recently woke up from a nap! Get yourself ready by having a clean background, test your connection and devices –your laptop is generally the better choice for your call. Choose the best place in terms of background, lighting, silence, and privacy beforehand. Your interviewer expects to see you where and how you will be during work meetings. Tip: Open the meeting link 10 minutes before the start time to avoid unforeseen issues!

software developer enter on time for his job interview

3. Check in with yourself throughout the interview

It’s crucial for you to be yourself during the interview, but it’s also important to be aware of your body language, smile, and energy. You can show your interviewer you’re paying attention by maintaining eye contact, nodding your head, and asking to follow-up questions. It’s important you connect with your interviewer –but be careful not to get ahead of yourself and interrupt them unintentionally. Pay attention to your interviewer’s dialogue and non-verbal communication as well, so you can be sure that your responses reflect your learning and attention skills. 

Preparing yourself for a job interview is not so different from preparing for other meetings you’ve attended and projects you've already worked on. It demands time and effort –and you do a better job when you understand and enjoy the process. 

Now spread your wings and interview away!

Good luck!

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